University Collaboration

Simplimedica has been recruiting students for internships since 2015 with the following universities:

Very often industry will not give students a break as they have no experience. We understand the need for supporting undergraduates and Phd students to compliment their studies with real world experiences. The programme we provide gives them actual working tasks, which they will face after graduation with occasional client facing opportunities, these tasks will prepare them for full time employment including –

  • Validation
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Work
  • QMS Implementation
  • Understanding the CE marking process as well as US FDA and other requirements


From time to time we have University placements. These are often more than just Summer placements. This is a way of Simplimedica putting back into the Engineering community to nurture future talent.

The program is really hands-on, learning on the job and the remuneration is equally competitive. This also provides mentorship to students who don’t have much or any industry experience and a great platform to “get ready” for the real world. Due to the demanding nature of a consultancy, we are unable to take on 1st or 2nd Year students and specifically keen on final year, Masters or Ph.D. students that can take on some part-time work aside from their studies or research.

The program is also flexible and allows you to work from your own virtual office, all you need is a computer, a good internet connection, and a smartphone!

Our students will also get to occasionally travel and support exhibitions and interact with other Medical Device professionals. We have enabled students to then gain permanent employment, occasionally with clients of ours who are in need of Junior QARA professionals. This is our way of giving back to the community of Medical Devices!

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